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Developers / website administrators

For developers or website administrators there's the possibility to easily hyperlink from their respective website's to Testdrive™. Two ways of hyperlinking are possible:

  • A simple link to the landingpage of Testdrive™. Preferably by using testdrive's logo and some piece of html:

    <a href=""></a>

  • A link to a specific test to directly bring your customers to the right place. A specific test can either be referenced by a unique ID or by a concatenation of a test's parameters (like country, union and test name). In the section below you can select a country and union and an extensive list of valid hyperlinks is presented to be used from your site. Testdrive™ doesn't have any problems by being hyperlinked from other locations on the web . If you have any questions about this integration don't hesitate to contact Testdrive at

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